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about me

I am Brigitta Santegoeds,
Visual Artists

My art shows how I am doing and what I dream about. The need to express something without having to put in in words is what causes colors, shapes and stories to appear on the canvas. I start without a preconceived plan. By painting, things fall into place.

It's not about what you see, but how you see it.

The starting point for my paintings is the color blue, which adds a certain strength to my paintings.

After several years of experimenting, I developed my own style which can be described as expressionistic, symbolic and figurative..

The feeling that comes over me when I see an object, person, or landscape is a source of inspiration to start painting.


Project Social Seat

Studio Brigitta Santegoeds

House of Colors
Huskensweg 17b
6412 SB Heerlen